Monday, August 31, 2015

Eldar Craftworld table

Part 7 The Final Product

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Hello All,

We have come a long way from concept to a ton of completed parts. Now the wait id finally over. I am pleased to present the finished Eldar Craftworld Table! I hope you like it.

After I took the above pictures I decided that the table would look better with some figures on it. Unfortunately I do not have a Sons of Orar nor an Alaitoc army so I was forced to use substitutes from my own collection.

To represent the  Sons of Orar I went with a fast moving Space Wolf Army

For the Alaitoc Eldar I went with my Dark Angel army (Made from several successor Chapters)

I set them out in an interesting way to see how they would interact with the terrain.

I think it looks pretty cool.

All things must come to an end so when I finished playing with the new table I had to put it away. Even that turned into a photo op!

Eldar Table Storage Box and cat for scale

The box that the Nova purchased for this table is 30” x 30” x 30”. Why such a large box, you ask? Well, we had no choice. The tiles are 24” x 24”, so we needed a box that was at least a little bigger than that, otherwise the future owner of this lovely table would not be able to get it out of the box! Unfortunately, the next largest size we could find was 30”. I suppose that makes sense, since it’s half a foot bigger, but man was it ever annoying!

On the bright side, we easily fit everything inside the box, but we needed to use quite a few packing peanuts to do it. My Wife wrote instructions on how to pack the table into the box. The downside of using peanuts is that the foam breaks down and gets on the table and terrain. However, if the table is being used frequently, the peanuts can be left in the large plastic bags that we thoughtfully included in the box. The table should be moved with the peanuts, but it can be set aside in the box without them.

Well that's it. The NOVA is less than 48 hours away and that's all she wrote on this project.

Till Next time