Saturday, August 22, 2015

Eldar Table Bonus Post

Paints used for the Eldar Table

Hello All,

I decided to add a bonus post, sort of a precursor to part 5 Painting. It is a list of the paints I used to paint the table and all of the scenery. My thought is that it will make the later painting posts easier to follow as I can use this post as a reference. I have divided the paints into section by brand and I have included a picture for most.

Colors used on board


Averlund Sunset
Pool of tears

Yriel Yellow
Pool of Tears

Steel Legion Drab
Base color for most high end parts

Zandri Dust
Mid-tone for most high end parts

Screaming Skull
Top Highlight for most of the table

Seraphim Sepia
used for shading on some Laser cut  Scenery 

Guilliman Blue (Glaze)
Sanctuary of souls/modulators  

Kantor Blue
Sanctuary of souls/modulators 

Alaitoc Blue
Sanctuary of souls/modulators 

Warplock Bronze

Craft smart

Tide Pool
Pool of tears

Pool of tears

Deep Sea Green
Pool of tears


German Green Brown (Primer)
Used as base over Black on some scenery 

Gold Yellow (Airbrush)
Pool of tears


Emperor’s Gold
Sanctuary of souls/modulators 

Army Painter

Strong tone (Quick Shade)
used for shading on some Laser cut  Scenery 

Apple Barrel

Primary base coat


Milk Chocolate
Alternate to Steel Legion Drab

Butter Milk
Alternate to screaming Skull

Folk Art

Alternate to Zandri Dust

Secret Weapon

Green Brown (Powder)
Used for detail work all over the various parts

Ash Grey (powder)
Used to highlight the damaged sections

Slate Grey (Powder)
Used to highlight the damaged sections

As you can see I found some alternate colors for the primary GW brands. Most were close or at least close enough so that being an undercoat would not make a huge difference. The Screaming Skull (one of my favorites) was great for bringing the other colors into harmony.

I hope this helps




  1. That is a lot of paint and a load of powders. Looking forward to seeing it come together. You are going to post a preview before I see it in person right? :)

  2. That is the plan. The posts will be increased up this week in Prep for the event.